• 12 Tips to Discover the True Value of Your Perfusion Program

    Perfusionists’ salaries are just one element used to evaluate the value of a perfusion program. Check out these actionable insights OR leaders are using to identify the true value of a perfusion program and uncover what you and your OR team could be missing.

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  • AORN 2017: Improving Outcomes, Containing Costs

    We loved connecting with everyone in Boston. And, many thanks to Sherri Ozawa, RN, and those who attended our special networking event and learned about improving outcomes and containing costs by using comprehensive patient blood management strategies.

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    Go beyond expertise in neuromonitoring to evaluate your IONM services provider. Check out these actionable insights OR leaders are using to identify the true value of an IONM partnership and uncover what you and your OR team could be missing.

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    Successful, well-managed hospitals one day then rules and regulations become distorted the next. Download this infographic to discover The Cost of Healthcare Compliance Violations and get recommendations you can use to mitigate risk.

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    Want to get ahead on value-based care (VBC)? Download our guide for an overview of the 4 most common types of VBC models along with recommended, successful transition strategies to shift your focus from volume to quality.

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  • If the Joint Commission Walked in for Inspection, Would You Pass?

    Download our guide now to discover three simple strategies to prepare for a successful Joint Commission visit by SpecialtyCare’s Joint Commission expert and Director of Credentialing and Accreditation, Stephanie McCoy, BBA, CPCS.

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  • “Our surgeons are pleased with SpecialtyCare's service quality.”

    9 of 10 Customers Report Their Surgeons are Pleased with the Quality of Service Provided by SpecialtyCare

  • “SpecialtyCare positively contributes to our care quality.”

    9 of 10 Customers Agree They Provide Higher Quality Care by Partnering with SpecialtyCare

We’re the leader in perfusion services, supporting over 120,000 open-heart and other surgeries requiring perfusion each year.

We lead the nation in IONM supporting 88,000 cases annually. Safer surgery. Lower risk. Satisfied surgeons.

Our surgical assistance, minimally invasive surgical support, sterile processing, and autotransfusion services bring out the best in your OR.


Dedicated researchers, using the largest database of its kind, develop benchmarks, standards, and innovations that improve outcomes.

Patient-Focused Partners Aligned to Your Goals

More than ever before, healthcare providers face a minefield of regulations and oversight, higher-risk patient populations, increasing liabilities, and financial uncertainty. Physicians are being asked to do more with less and hospitals are forced to balance the cost of care with high-quality patient outcomes. This is the reality that our customers face every day—and this is the reason more than 1,000 hospitals rely on outsourced staffing services from SpecialtyCare.

We provide more than safe and high-quality clinical care with a patient-first focus. We understand the OR environment and we know what it takes to achieve efficiency and contain costs. By aligning with our customers in true partnership, we integrate into the ebb and flow of each customer’s culture and take on their goals as our own. We hold ourselves accountable for our role in on-time starts, surgeon satisfaction, regulatory compliance, and customer service. To us, efficiency and cost containment are not secondary to providing high-quality patient care—they are, in fact, necessary components of high-quality patient care.

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We have


associates supporting clinical excellence and successful patient outcomes.

We participate in


surgical procedures annually.

We serve


hospitals and health systems across the United States.

Providing a Unique Ability to Drive You and Healthcare Forward

We understand the role of research and innovation in driving successful patient outcomes. Our medical office, with a dedicated healthcare research team, uses SCOPE™, the SpecialtyCare Operative Procedural Registry, to conduct original research and provide benchmarks for standards of care that our customers rely on to measure and improve their performance both internally and against their peers. Our research and quality indicator programs differentiate us and also help differentiate the performance of our customers. We are extensively published and regularly called upon as trusted authorities to speak at industry meetings and universities around the world. You can view our most recent scientific clinical information under the Clinical Research & Innovation section of our Resource Library.

Clinical excellence. Innovation. Continuous improvement. Operational efficiency. Cost containment. These are the components of high-quality patient care and the reason why our customers rely on our outsourced staffing services for cardiovascular perfusion, intraoperative neuromonitoring, sterile processing, autotransfusion, surgical assistance, and minimally invasive surgical support. We understand the environment and we know what it takes to help you and your patients realize the greatest value from your OR.

Accredited and Certified by The Joint Commission. Learn more.

SpecialtyCare complies with applicable Federal civil rights laws and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, or sex. For more information, see the Notice of Nondiscrimination and Accessibility Requirements and the Nondiscrimination and Accessibility Tagline Translations.

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