We’re the leader in perfusion services, supporting over 100,000 open-heart and other surgeries requiring perfusion each year.

We lead the nation in intraoperative neuromonitoring (IONM) supporting 60,000 cases annually. Safer surgery. Lower risk. Satisfied surgeons.

Our surgical assistance, minimally invasive surgical support, sterile processing, and autotransfusion services bring out the best in your OR.


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More than ever before, healthcare faces a minefield of regulations and oversight, higher-risk patient populations, increasing liabilities, and financial uncertainty. Physicians are being asked to do more for less. And hospitals must balance cost of care with quality of patient outcomes to demonstrate value. This is the reality that our clients face every day—and this is the reason over 1,000 hospitals rely on SpecialtyCare®.

At SpecialtyCare, we provide exceptional care, expertise, and innovation to help our customers realize better outcomes in the OR and beyond. It’s the certainty of high-quality clinical care and support that makes a difference to their patients, surgeons, and staff.

Whether it is in perfusion, intraoperative neuromonitoring, or any of our surgical services, we align with our customers in true partnership, integrating easily into the ebb and flow of their hospital culture as well as the nuances and personalities of their physicians and OR teams. We hold ourselves accountable to our customers’ goals and expectations and embrace their values and commitment to their patients, hospital, and community.

We have more than


associates supporting clinical excellence and successful patient outcomes.

We participate in nearly


surgical procedures annually.

We serve over


hospitals and health systems across the United States.