About Us

SpecialtyCare is the world’s leading provider of clinical services to hospitals. We partner with hospitals to drive, sustain, and accelerate high performance. We offer a portfolio of solutions that include neuromonitoring, perfusion, surgical assist, autotransfusion, minimally invasive surgical support, and sterile processing. SpecialtyCare’s clinicians focus their efforts to improve operational efficiencies, improve outcomes, and maintain exceptional levels of satisfaction. We compete on results.

Today, SpecialtyCare employs more than 1500 clinicians who perform over 350,000 surgical procedures annually in more than 825 hospitals and health systems across a broad geographic area that includes 44 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and Germany. (Learn more about our German subsidiary­ - Life Systems)

Establishing Industry Standards

Through our broad experience, we have helped shape the standards for quality in our industry. Our Centers for Education and Quality are helping improve patient care and delivery of clinical services throughout the industry.

SpecialtyCare was one of the first clinical outsourcing companies to develop and implement quality indicators to objectively measure and analyze clinical performance and outcomes. These benchmarks not only help quantify our value to our customers, but also identify opportunities to further enhance our services.

Meeting Your Expectations

Understanding Our Clients’ Needs
SpecialtyCare is committed to being, Your Trusted Clinical Partner, and we recognizes the importance of customer service and communication of clinical information to our clients.

In order to ensure that we excel in customer service and quality improvement, SpecialtyCare has adopted a client services methodology that we call Clinical Partners for Life. This methodology includes Transition and Expectations Meetings to ensure that we deliver value to our clients. The objective for these unique meetings is to provide our clients the opportunity to define what they value and clarify and prioritize their expectations of SpecialtyCare. These meetings effectively in building a foundation for a collaborative relationship and provide a measurable path to ensure a successful partnership. 

Client Satisfaction
SpecialtyCare maintains that it is crucial to measure customer satisfaction and conducts both qualitatively and quantitatively surveys on a regular basis.

Client Retention
Our contract retention rate is 99.5%. In addition to an exceptionally high retention rate, we have seen steady growth each year with the addition of new hospital, health system, and GPO contracts.

Remaining on the Leading Edge

SpecialtyCare’s commitment to ongoing training and education keep our clinicians current on procedures, equipment, and industry issues. We provide onsite and online education and training to our associates to help them be better clinicians and managers for our clients.