We never lose sight of the fact that our top priority is to the people entrusted to our care.

Your Trusted Clinical Partner®

Curious. Compassionate. Certain. We never lose sight of the fact that our top priority is to the people entrusted to our care—patients and families who deserve our utmost effort and respect. We question the status quo and believe in pursuing opportunities to advance what’s possible. We want our customers to feel at ease, confident, and certain about our capabilities—and we want to connect with them as members of the same team, working toward the same goals. We are physicians, perfusionists, neurophysiologists, and clinical specialists. We are trainers, recruiters, analysts, and schedulers. We all have family and friends, and we want them to receive the best possible care when they need it. We want that for our patients, too. We are more than 1,700 strong. We are SpecialtyCare.

Our Associates

We believe physicians and hospitals should always have the best possible means to ensure the most positive patient outcomes while also being able to maintain their own financial health. That’s why choosing the right partner is so important. These attributes define us and our approach to our patients and customers—we believe these qualities help us position our customers for success.

  • Dedicated clinicians
  • Partners for life
  • Focused on patients first
  • Advocates for excellence

And, our competence and compassion extend far beyond the bounds of our customer base. We proudly support and encourage our associates to contribute their time and expertise to patients and medical teams in underserved areas across the globe.

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Associates’ Comments

Here’s a sample of what our people had to say in our most recent associate engagement survey when asked, “What does this organization do particularly well?”

“Excellent clinical care.”

“The training program was top notch.  I feel very comfortable in my job and a lot of that has to do with adequate training.  The video/medical equipment program is superb and I never have to worry about scopes/cameras repairs taking too long.  I also feel very connected to this organization while being well informed about company activity.” 

“We take care of our hospital and physicians and OR staff. They trust us and rely on us.”

“The organization values training and continuing education.  Its efforts in that regard should be applauded.”

“Puts the patients first.” 

“Stands by core values.”

“Collecting and analyzing  data to offer our clients the best in evidence-based medicine.”

“The new initiatives and bringing on highly regarded perfusionists is absolutely phenomenal.”

“The focus on quality is what sets us apart.”

“I think engaging in employee feedback and utilizing the database to make changes that benefit patient outcomes is a huge plus of the organization.”

“Strong emphasis on clinical quality and excellence.”

“It continues to grow and set the standards for the industry and I hope we continue this growth and show our competitors how much better we truly are.”

“Listening to associates needs and following through with their concerns.”

“This organization strives for excellence and I am proud to be a member of the team!”

“SpecialtyCare, more than any other organization I have ever been associated with, actively listens to its people and customers and works to improve itself and their experience with the company.  I think this is a DEFINING quality of SpecialtyCare.”

“Specialty Care does an amazing job keeping the customers happy. The surgeons really like the services being provided and that’s always a great thing!”

“The organization works to meet the various needs of our customers. We are flexible and able to meet surgeons’ requests.”

“They continue to recognize and appreciate their employees and make them feel like someone does see all the hard work they are doing, no matter the level or department.”

“It offers endless resources for education and tools necessary to do the job effectively.”

“Cross-department communication is very effective within this company and it makes it very easy to satisfy the requirements of the job.”

“This organization values their employees and recognizes that the employees are the key to the accounts. I love that. I feel valued. I feel like I am heard. I am pleased to work here.”

“Mel’s communication and vision, continually being shared and the words followed with actions, ensures the message is felt throughout the organization.”

“Consistently improving and striving to improve.” 

“I believe what this company does well is listening to the feedback from its employees. This survey is a good example of that.”

“We deliver exemplary services and product to our hospitals and patients.  We are the best at what we do across the country in neurophysiological monitoring and I am proud to be part of this kind of organization.” 

“Keeping staff uplifted and motivated to continue working towards a higher standard of care.”

“Great communication from the top down!  I love the personal touch, the visits to each area and team by our corporate leaders!  This personal touch goes a long way.  Keep it up!”

“We are a very well organized company that has a progressive outlook.  IT is fabulous! Dispatch is wonderful!  We have a highly skilled group of knowledgeable people working for SpecialtyCare.”

“Specialty Care does an amazing job keeping the customers happy. The surgeons really like the services being provided and that’s always a great thing!”

“Training is very effective, the people I work with are fantastic.”

“Sets specific goals and measures very well.  Cares about engagement, culture, and continuous improvement.”

“The CEO genuinely seems to care about people. That’s rare.”

“I think they do a great job on quality improvements and determining quality. I enjoy the monthly meetings that we have, getting the opportunity to hear what others around our region are experiencing and feel it is a good learning opportunity for all. Overall, I thoroughly enjoy working for this company.”

“Vision and leadership from the top are transformative.”

“Fantastic CEO with a passion for excellence.”

“Our values show on a day to day basis.” 

“Great relationships with clients and hospitals.” 

“Admins and staff are great to work with.” 

“We continue to push for excellence in gathering information from cases and service providers to lead the market in cost-effective but cutting-edge medical applications.”

“Human Resources, Payroll, IT, and Benefits have some of the most amazing staff I have ever worked with.  These people have a great attention to detail and they truly take pride in their work.” 

“Innovation in the field – our teams are amazing!”

“Building and maintaining outstanding relationships with clients.” 

“Making each individual feel like they are an integral part of this organization via the department leadership. You enjoy coming to work when you feel valued and know that the work you do is important.”

“I stand in awe of the staff in the field, the work they do, and the contributions they make to people’s lives as a result of the company culture.”

“I am treated very well in terms of compensation, benefits, etc.  I am trusted.  I am relied upon.  So, in my opinion, the one thing they do particularly well is how they treat the employees.”