From Real Estate to Real Surgery

By September 25, 2018Articles
Bill Bynum

How exactly does one transition from a successful career in real estate appraisal to one in the operating room? Bill Bynum, SpecialtyCare’s president of surgical services made that leap 24 years ago and hasn’t looked back. While graduating with a degree in business, Bynum always had an affinity for biology, but never pursued it academically. So, when a friend told him about a job opportunity at a medical company that provided all of the training, he jumped on it.

Bynum joined SpecialtyCare’s podcast Scrubbing In to discuss how the training process worked for someone with no medical degree and how SpecialtyCare’s training programs have over the years. After a crash course on medical terminology, anatomy procedures, instruments, and operating room protocol, Bynum was ready to train in the OR, where he shadowed more experienced technicians.

“And then you eventually start to get comfortable with it, he said. “Like, ‘Anything they can throw at me today, I can handle.’ And you get that confidence. And I imagine … your job satisfaction goes up as you get that.”

And because he gained that confidence and has made such a successful transition, he encourages anyone who is interested in a career change, to consider the healthcare industry.

“One, there’s really nothing so satisfying as working on a team, like in an operating room, and being a part of it and knowing you’re making a difference to patients,” he said. “Secondarily, the field of providing services in hospital, the medical industry, is so wide and varied, that there are so many jobs, and so many things that you can branch into once you get into it, that can help you move up through your career, and learn different things, and carry you on your way.”

Want to hear more about Bill Bynum’s unique career path? Listen to this episode of the medical podcast Scrubbing In.



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