• Brolhorst & DeGiosio Named 2018 Scholarship Recipients

    Congratulations to Jacki Brolhorst and Robert DeGiosio, recipients of the 2018 Brown-Brukardt Perfusion Education Scholarships. We are confident they will make significant contributions to patient outcomes and healthcare quality for years to come. Learn more at our blog.

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    More than ever before, perfusion is a smart career choice. Learn about opportunities to become a certified clinical perfusionist by attending a leading perfusion education program. Scholarships available!

Details below | Brown-Brukardt Perfusion Education Scholarship
Brown-Brukardt Perfusion Education Scholarship – apply beginning Dec 1, 2018

Making Surgery Safer ®

SpecialtyCare supports Thomas Jefferson University’s Institute of Emerging Health Professions Center for Perfusion and Extracorporeal Technology Education by donating the latest technology, equipment, and software to the Dr. Robert and Dorothy Rector Clinical Skills and Simulation Center to ensure that students seeking perfusionist education benefit from the most advanced tools and resources available.

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Expert perfusionists at SpecialtyCare committed to improved patient outcomes during 120,000 procedures annually.


SpecialtyCare Clinical Services


Perfusionists certified through the American Board of Cardiovascular Perfusion

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New perfusionists entering the field in 2015

SpecialtyCare Clinical Services


Fewer perfusionists replacing those leaving the field

“Jefferson and SpecialtyCare have been partners in cardiothoracic surgery for a decade now. When we decided to create a program to do something about the shortage of perfusionists, working with SpecialtyCare just made sense. Our companies share a number of values, including a focus on innovation, and it is our intention to provide the most advanced perfusion education option available.”

– Richard Webster, MSN, RN, President, Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals


Healthcare Faces a Severe Shortage of Perfusionists
Perfusionists are critical members of the OR team who operate the heart-lung machine during the 350,000 heart surgeries performed annually in the United States. They expertly keep the patient’s lungs breathing, the heart pumping, and the blood circulating. But, healthcare faces a serious shortage of skilled perfusionists. And the shortage is getting worse.

A sample of 10% of active perfusionists found that nearly 50% of perfusionists are over 50 years old, and in 2015 there were almost 30% fewer new graduates entering the field than professionals leaving the field. This is why SpecialtyCare supports Thomas Jefferson University’s Institute of Emerging Health Professions Center for Perfusion and Extracorporeal Technology Education, which offers one of the most advanced perfusionist education programs available today. It’s also why, more than ever before, a perfusion career is a smart choice.

Read more about the perfusionist shortage on our blog.

State-of-the-Art Perfusion Education
To step from the classroom into the operating room and confidently contribute to today’s complex surgical procedures, you need to learn from the best—from perfusion educators who have the knowledge and experience to make sure you are prepared for the extreme challenges of the operating environment.

Jefferson’s ample educational resources, supported by SpecialtyCare’s donation of technology, equipment, and software for the University’s high-fidelity simulation lab, will ensure that the perfusionists of tomorrow are equipped to manage the increasing diversity and complexity of extracorporeal assist devices.

SpecialtyCare Clinical Manager Brian Schwartz, CCP, RN, MBA, knows this equipment and technology inside and out. With more than 15 years of experience in complex cardiovascular perfusion, Brian serves as the program director for the Center for Perfusion and Extracorporeal Technology Education. His extensive experience in clinical practice, perfusion education, and business operations makes him an excellent choice to lead the program.

SpecialtyCare’s support of the Center’s educational program also includes mentored learning in hospital-based clinical rotations–a vital aspect of advanced education. With resources from our Medical Office and data available in SCOPE, the SpecialtyCare Operative Procedural Registry®, students interested in research are well positioned to begin graduate-level work and gain experience in publishing and speaking at industry events.


Apply for the Brown-Brukardt Perfusion Scholarship
As the largest perfusion provider in the industry, it is our privilege to help support and develop future leaders in clinical perfusion by funding scholarships for two new perfusion students each year. These scholarships are awarded in the names of Jim Brown and Gary Brukardt, two men who helped evolve the practice of perfusion and establish the model for outsourced perfusion services that we use today. Jim and Gary exemplified integrity, leadership, and dedication to patient care. Our goal is to support students who share these qualities and will work to advance patient outcomes throughout their careers.

The Brown-Brukardt Perfusion Scholarship can be applied toward a perfusion education at Jefferson’s Center for Perfusion and Extracorporeal Technology Education or any of the CAAHEP-accredited perfusion programs below. Applicants must be currently enrolled and a student in good standing in one of the programs listed. Download the scholarship application form to learn more about eligibility, benefits of the program, and the application process. Complete the form, attach the requested information, and send your questions and/or application materials to scholarship@specialtycare.net.

IMPORTANT DATES:  Please note that we will begin accepting applications for the next round of scholarships on December 1, 2018.

Certified Clinical Perfusionist (CCP) Education and Training Programs
The American Board of Cardiovascular Perfusion recognizes the Accreditation Committee for Perfusion Education (AC-PE) in cooperation with the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP), and the Conjoint Committee on Accreditation of the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) as the official accrediting agencies for perfusion education programs.

Barry University – Miami Shores, FL

Cleveland Clinic Foundation – Cleveland, OH

Cooper University Hospital – Camden, NJ

Medical University of South Carolina – Charleston, SC

Midwestern University – Glendale, AZ

Milwaukee School of Engineering – Milwaukee, WI

North Shore University – Manhasset, NY

Quinnipiac University – Hamden, CT

Rush University College of Health Science – Chicago, IL

SUNY Upstate Medical University – Syracuse, NY

Texas Heart Institute – Houston, TX

Thomas Jefferson University – Philadelphia, PA (applied for candidacy status)

University of Arizona – Tucson, AZ

University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics – Iowa City, IA

University of Nebraska Medical Center – Omaha, NE

University of Pittsburgh Medical Center – Pittsburgh, PA

University of Texas – Houston, TX

Vanderbilt University – Nashville, TN

Watch SpecialtyCare and Thomas Jefferson University Perfusion Education Program Announcement.

SpecialtyCare Supports New Advanced Perfusion Education Program.

Thomas jefferson university, Support Advanced Perfusion education training

Learn more about Thomas Jefferson University’s Institute of Emerging Health Professions and its Center for Perfusion and Extracorporeal Technology Education.

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Are you currently enrolled in a CAAHEP-accredited perfusion education program? If so, apply for the Brown-Brukardt Perfusion Scholarship. We will begin accepting applications for the next round of scholarships on December 1, 2017 with an application deadline of February 14, 2018.