Autotransfusion Services Improve Patient Outcomes

Better Patient Blood Management for Better Overall Outcomes

Patient Blood Management (PBM) programs have become an effective alternative to donor blood transfusions. Discover the benefits of PBM including an overview of the process for implementing a program and how used with autotransfusion services can result in more effective blood management for your hospital.


Your hospital can realize significant savings by avoiding transfusions. The SpecialtyCare Autotransfusion program is built to enhance a hospital’s blood management program by recycling the patient’s own blood. It’s portable, with easy setup, minimizes disease, and avoids the adverse clinical outcomes that come from standard donor blood transfusion and pre-donated blood.

$4 Million

Savings a hospital can realize by avoiding transfusions for 1,000 patients


SpecialtyCare Clinical Services

Under 60 Minutes

Response time from our clinical technicians

SpecialtyCare Clinical Services


Blood typing errors because the blood belongs to the patient

SpecialtyCare Clinical Services


The rate of decline in nationwide donor blood supply, from 2008 to 2011


Seamlessly Integrated Support
The autotransfusion (ATS) program from SpecialtyCare can be up and running quickly, with highly trained clinical technicians who provide ATS inside or outside of the operating room. You will also receive support from a dedicated clinical manager who provides continuing education and shares best practices with your team.
In addition, our program includes:
  • Clinical quality data reports with benchmarking capabilities.
  • Platelet-rich plasma cell–based therapy, which enhances the healing process. Our skilled technicians use a small amount of the patient’s own blood to produce a highly concentrated platelet product.
  • Bone marrow aspirate concentrate cell-based therapy, which augments bone and wound healing. A SpecialtyCare clinical technician carefully produces a concentrated form of stem cells so they can be directly injected into the bone or wound site for healing, which in turn can help achieve accelerated bone regeneration in spinal surgery, bone unionization in long bones, improved myocardial blood flow and contractility via intramyocardial injections, and increased wound healing in diabetic patients and burn victims.

Lower costs
Autotransfusion can save hospitals the expense of purchasing donor blood, which continues to increase. Similarly, it avoids the need for pre-donation arrangements.

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