Are the best Minimally Invasive clinicians supporting your surgeons? Here are 6 ways to find out.

Working with a more effective Minimally Invasive partner in your OR can significantly improve patient outcomes, increase surgeon satisfaction, and lower your hospital’s costs. Check out 6 actionable insights OR leaders like you are using when evaluating a Minimally Invasive partner, or an in-house program, to ensure the most value for their OR and OR teams.

Minimally Invasive Surgical Support

SpecialtyCare works with hospitals and health networks across the nation to provide minimally invasive surgical support that enhances patient outcomes, reduces costs, ensures quality, and helps hospitals avoid the capital expenses of this often-costly discipline.


Years of experience


SpecialtyCare Clinical Services

Decreased overall downtime

We appropriate par levels of trays and backup instruments to eliminate downtime. We also assist with setup, provide intraoperative verbal assistance, and clean and maintain instruments after each procedure.

SpecialtyCare Clinical Services


Our annual minimally invasive surgical support caseload

SpecialtyCare Clinical Services

Reduced capital expenditures

We purchase, repair, and maintain instruments and equipment so you don’t have to make major capital outlays every three to five years, which allows you to spend your competing dollars elsewhere.


Expertise that makes a difference
SpecialtyCare Minimally Invasive Surgical Support (MISS) provides the expertise your team needs for the technical demands of the surgical environment. Our team of highly trained clinicians leverages the latest video tower technology and surgical instruments to maintain surgeon satisfaction and surgical volumes, improve patient outcomes, and keep your OR working efficiently. Your team can also benefit from:
  • Clinical quality data reports with benchmarking capabilities
  • Better cost savings through strategic planning, reduced downtime, and streamlined workflow management
  • Expert handling of instruments and equipment
  • Assistance, troubleshooting, and pre-op to post-op support
Best-in-class savings
SpecialtyCare MISS saves you the investment cost to hire, train, equip, and manage a special team of minimally invasive technicians. And we can save you even more on every procedure by:
  • Converting to reusable and reposable equipment
  • Providing supplemental to unlimited new instruments
  • Maintaining instruments with repairs and replacements
  • Reducing the need for repairs from expert handling
  • Assisting with reprocessing programs
  • Eliminating immediate use steam sterilization
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