12 Tips to Discover the True Value of Your Perfusion Program

Perfusionists’ salaries are just one element used to evaluate the value of a Perfusion program. Published research and innovation, robust Perfusion services, and high customer satisfaction scores are just a few other key drivers of a successful Perfusion program. Check out these actionable insights OR leaders are using to identify the true value of a Perfusion program and uncover what you and your OR team could be missing.


SpecialtyCare is the largest provider of perfusion services in the United States. No one else even comes close. With our national presence and local professionals, we support 1 in 8 of all heart surgeries in the country. SpecialtyCare helps you create a program that meets all of your perfusion needs and we integrate seamlessly with your operating room team. We maintain outstanding surgeon satisfaction, while focusing on improved patient outcomes and cost-effective care.


Perfusion procedures each year.

Learn more about our RBC transfusion and net prime volume research presented at the 2016 STS meeting.


SpecialtyCare Clinical Services


Expert perfusion professionals

SpecialtyCare Clinical Services

1 in 8

Number of heart surgeries we support – no one comes close to our perfusion experience

SpecialtyCare Clinical Services


Perfusion procedures annually

SpecialtyCare Clinical Services


The number of hospitals we serve

SpecialtyCare Clinical Services


Perfusion clients that agree we contribute to positive care quality

SpecialtyCare Clinical Services


The amount of intraoperative red blood cells one hospital partner reduced its use by in one year


Expert clinicians with leading-edge resources
Hospitals and networks nationwide choose us for our depth of resources and commitment to successful outcomes. Our clinical team participates in our national perfusion and autotransfusion (ATS) clinical database, ensuring consistency of care. Our medical department experts advise our perfusionists on clinical practice, clinical quality, and new developments. Our clinicians are local, expert, and experienced, and they follow all evidence-based practice guidelines for perfusion, extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO), and other related modalities. In addition, we provide:

  • Clinical-quality data reports with benchmarking capabilities
  • Best-in-class equipment and supplies
  • Consistent hands-on management to ensure quality and reliability
  • The opportunity to institute ECMO programs, destination therapy programs, intraperitoneal hyperthermia, and other courses of treatment, when necessary or applicable

SpecialtyCare clinicians also specialize in performing two types of extracorporeal life support (ECLS) procedures in and outside the OR:

  • Perfusionist-managed care
    SpecialtyCare will set up and monitor the ECLS patient 24/7. This service includes all capital equipment and disposable supplies.
  • Perfusionist initiation and consultation
    SpecialtyCare will handle the setup and initial monitoring of the patient, usually for the first 24 to 48 hours. The responsibility for monitoring is then transferred to hospital personnel, usually an intensive care nurse. The SpecialtyCare team performs daily rounds, and standby services are available when caseloads are heavier than normal. Services include all capital equipment and disposable supplies.

Best-in-class savings
Our perfusion team saves you the cost of hiring, training, and supplying resource-heavy perfusion support that may not suit the needs of your surgical volumes. And our nationwide buying power provides you with capital equipment and disposable products at competitive rates from leading manufacturers, including:

  • LivaNova (formerly Sorin)
  • Terumo Cardiovascular Systems
  • Medtronic
  • Haemonetics

Hear how SpecialtyCare Perfusion Services benefit our customers and patients.

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At SpecialtyCare, our goal is to help you build an operating room of excellence and provide the best outcomes, always. Our philosophy is based on our values and the belief that a combination of sound, standardized processes and dedicated personal service is needed to ensure the very best in patient care, operational efficiencies, and cost management. We take an evidence-based approach that focuses on clinical quality, a commitment to excellence, strict adherence to industry regulations, and continuous improvement backed by best-in-class education, training, and research. Visit these pages to learn more about how we live this philosophy every day.