Sterile Processing

We seamlessly integrate into sterile processing departments (SPDs) and deliver enhanced performance through a customized, transparent approach to minimize the occurrence of infection, lost instruments, late starts, incomplete trays, and surgeon frustration. Our certified technicians, management teams, and consultants provide the expertise, quality control, and strict regulatory compliance to keep your facility running smoothly, reduce expense, and improve patient outcomes.

Increased OR Performance

Through better sterile processing management


SpecialtyCare Clinical Services

Certified technicians

Our certified technicians optimize instrumentation quantity and use quality handling techniques to avoid late starts, case delays, incomplete trays, and bioburden.

SpecialtyCare Clinical Services

Management oversight

Our management teams promote streamlined processes and ongoing education to ensure quality, efficiency, and surgeon satisfaction.

SpecialtyCare Clinical Services

Expert consultants

Our consultants provide comprehensive operational assessments, create strategic plans, and implement effective programs based on best practices and key performance metrics that drive continuous and lasting improvement.


Process efficiency
We streamline the sterile processing function to run at the highest level of efficiency. By improving process flow and maximizing staff productivity, we decrease the occurrence of late starts and case delays and reduce operational risks and expense.
Industry-leading quality
Our certified technicians and management teams are trained to provide high-quality instrumentation handling and maintenance. The result ensures instrument availability, tray standardization, infection avoidance, etc. Related performance metrics enable better management of activities and continuous improvement.
Surgeon satisfaction
When the surgeon is ready, the right instruments need to be clean and ready, too.  In addition to efficiency and quality, we tend to the individual preferences of surgeons as part of our commitment to ensure their satisfaction with hospital operations.
What we offer:
  • Expert consultation based on Lean Six Sigma methodology
  • Comprehensive operational assessments
  • Improvement program management and implementation
  • Certified and tenured management oversight
  • Well-trained, certified technicians
  • Metrics-based quality control and process improvement
  • Regulatory and compliance assurance
Best-in-class savings
  • SpecialtyCare SPM furnishes the capital for purchase and maintenance of surgical instrumentation and processing equipment so your facility doesn’t need to.
  • We provide instrumentation tracking systems, case cart implementation, and continuing education to reduce long-term operational expenses for outside resources.

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At SpecialtyCare, our goal is to help you build an operating room of excellence and provide the best outcomes, always. Our philosophy is based on our values and the belief that a combination of sound, standardized processes and dedicated personal service is needed to ensure the very best in patient care, operational efficiencies, and cost management. We take an evidence-based approach that focuses on clinical quality, a commitment to excellence, strict adherence to industry regulations, and continuous improvement backed by best-in-class education, training, and research. Visit these pages to learn more about how we live this philosophy every day.