Six Joint Commission Strategies to Reduce Infection Risks

How can your Sterile Processing Department (SPD) avoid accreditation issues and reduce patient risk? Download this guide to discover the six Joint Commission strategies recommended for OR leaders like you to assess your SPD for accreditation and reduce infection risks.

Sterile Processing

SpecialtyCare was founded on a commitment to be patient focused, to provide the highest quality care while controlling and reducing cost. We’ve been dedicated to improving value for three decades. OR leaders, surgeons, and their patients receive the benefits of this commitment when they use our Sterile Processing Consulting services. Our consultants have extensive central sterile services experience in multiple specialties. We build on that with a commitment to ongoing and advanced training, education, and certification to ensure that hospitals have exceptional service in the sterile processing department and the departments it serves. With our national reach and extensive experience, we directly improve value for hospitals and health systems just like yours.

Increased OR Performance

Through better sterile processing management


SpecialtyCare Clinical Services

Highest Quality Outcomes

We provide the most skilled, reliable sterile processing consultants, and project managers to help your Sterile Processing Department realize quick gains in efficiency and effectiveness. Eliminate instrument-related surgical delays, reduce Immediate Use Steam Sterilization (IUSS) rates, achieve infection prevention and improve surgeon and OR staff satisfaction.

SpecialtyCare Clinical Services

Peak Productivity

Our expert consultants are transforming sterile processing departments with leading knowledge and speed and accuracy methodologies to increase throughput and improve operational efficiency in your sterile processing department and in your OR.


Consistent, sound processes
Our Sterile Processing Department practices are designed to support the surgery team, increasing their efficiency and satisfaction and allowing them to focus on gaining valuable pre-and postoperative efficiencies that result in an overall more productive OR. Like you, we are passionate about achieving the best patient outcomes possible while directly increasing value.
Ongoing, expert consultation and improvement
We’re committed to understanding the needs of your hospital and OR team so we can closely align with them in order to most effectively provide the safest, highest quality outcome for the patient.We establish benchmarks for your department to track clear signs of progress towards higher quality services and regulatory compliance, including Tray Errors, Cart Errors, IUS Rate and Case Delays. We also conduct ongoing audits and assessments to ensure continual compliance and improvement.The SpecialtyCare University training received by our consultants, our Medical Office and research team and deployment of Lean Six Sigma Process Improvement delivers higher staff satisfaction and productivity in your OR.
Compliance Peace of Mind
Having your name in the headlines for the wrong reason once is one time too many.It’s all too common to hear about Stark Law or Anti-kickback violations that cost hospitals millions or a Joint Commission denial of accreditation or failure to comply with AAMI guidelines that devastate reputations. Compliance adherence can never be in question. Ever. SpecialtyCare is dedicated to ensuring our customers are certain that, when they partner with us,we’re proactively helping protect their brand, reputation, and bottom-line.

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At a time when change is certain, partners who know how to transform and help you lead are critical to your success. SpecialtyCare’s patient-focused market-leading services minimize clinical variation, resulting in better safety, improved patient outcomes, and lower costs, so our customers get the reliable, consistent value they need to be leaders.

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