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By | Articles | October 28, 2016

SpecialtyCare Welcomes the People of Sentient to Our Team

On October 26, 2016, SpecialtyCare acquired Sentient, a highly regarded intraoperative neuromonitoring provider. We’re thrilled to welcome the people of Sentient to our team. We believe we’ll be a great fit together, both clinically and culturally. Combining our talent and experience will enhance our collective strengths and create new opportunities to advance patient care and drive clinical quality, which reduce costs for our patients and customers.

By | Articles | September 29, 2016

Healthcare Fraud Is Not a Victimless Crime

Estimates vary when calculating the money lost to fraud—it’s difficult to measure that which is undetected—but the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) states that healthcare fraud costs the country tens of billions of dollars each year. Paying for law enforcement, legal resources, and sophisticated technology to combat the problem adds to the price tag. Taxpayers and employers endure the financial brunt of fraud, but illegal schemes can also put patient health at risk. Clearly, healthcare fraud is not a victimless crime.

Melvin F. Hall, PhD
By | Articles | September 15, 2016

Trust in Healthcare: Business Practices Matter, Too

The need for trust in healthcare is not limited to the clinical arena. Business practices matter, too. Wrongdoing on the business side often points to cultural shortcomings and a lack of integrity that can permeate the entire organization. As such, trust in a company’s underlying culture is as important as trust in its clinical expertise or the efficacy of its services.