At SpecialtyCare, we believe there is always room for improvement—no matter how good you are. We were among the first surgical outsourcing providers to develop and implement quality indicators to objectively measure and analyze clinical performance and outcomes. These benchmarks help us and our customers assess performance and drive improvement at the local level and across the industry.
To support these continuous improvement efforts, SpecialtyCare University is designed to improve patient care through superior training, and our Medical Office uses our national perspective and vast local experience to drive innovation and evidence-based research that lead to better outcomes, knowledge sharing, and the development of best practices.

Clinical Partners for Life:  Our customer service methodology includes collaborative milestone meetings to prioritize expectations, measure progress, and define value.

Partnering for Improvement
To be the best possible partner to our valued customers, we work to do more than meet your expectations–we want to exceed them.

Understanding Your Needs
SpecialtyCare recognizes the importance of customer service and communication. We understand the vital role these behaviors play in providing excellent clinical care. That’s why we designed and implemented an enhanced customer service methodology called “Clinical Partners for Life,” which includes collaborative milestone meetings to prioritize expectations, measure progress, and define value. Together with our customers, we build a foundation for collaboration and provide a measurable and actionable view of success.

Measuring Your Satisfaction
We measure customer satisfaction through regular qualitative and quantitative surveys. The results are used to create and implement action plans for continuous improvement.

Maximizing Your Return on Investment
In today’s healthcare environment, excellence demands more than just great clinical outcomes—it requires efficient operation and cost-effective care as well. That’s why our continuous improvement efforts also focus on the non-clinical components of your OR. Through our commitment to excellence inside and outside the operating room, we’ve grown our relationships with administrators, surgeons, and OR teams all across the country and delivered on our promise to provide the certainty of exceptional care that benefits both patients and the hospital.