If it’s not running as efficiently as possible, an operating room can quickly transform from one of the most profitable areas of a hospital into one of the most expensive ones to manage.

The operating room accounts for up to 60% of a hospital’s revenue and some 35%‐40% of its expenses, according to the Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA). When an OR—with all of its intricate moving parts—is not running as efficiently as possible, it can quickly transform from one of the pillars of financial support for a hospital into one of the most dysfunctional and expensive ones, resulting in less-than-optimal patient and financial outcomes.

An efficient OR is characterized by full and transparent communication, smart utilization of rooms and equipment, well-coordinated schedules of top talent, and ready and reliable tools and technology. If any one of these elements falls out of sync, then surgical teams cannot perform at their best.

SpecialtyCare understands that both outstanding clinical care and efficient repeatable processes are vital to creating operating rooms of excellence. Our expert clinicians are trained to serve as integrated members of your team who help keep your OR running smoothly and increase surgeon satisfaction so that you can realize high-quality outcomes, patient safety, and optimal financial results.

View our data-driven infographic to learn more about how you can increase efficiency in the operating room by getting all of these moving pieces performing in perfect harmony.

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